Immigration officers arrested at Airport for this shocking reason

The Mumbai Police arrested two senior officers posted at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport for allegedly letting people pass through immigration without due process.

The officers – identified as Anil Surse (35) and Harshal Patil (33) – were arrested after a major case of illegal transportation of humans was busted last month. Mumbai Police’s Sahar unit made the arrest.

According to police officials, they uncovered the racket after arresting a woman who was travelling to Vancouver, Canada under a fake name and passport. During interrogation, the woman provided information on the racket and named three men believed to be the masterminds.

Mumbai police then arrested the three men – Gaurav Singh, Mukadam Gulam Ali and Mustakil Hussain. The three used to arrange the illegal passage of people out of the country. During their interrogation, the police stumbled upon the involvement of the immigration officers, who later confessed to their crime.

A police officer said, “The officers would let people without checking them. They would not check whether the passport is legal or not, all details are right or not.” The officer said that senior airport officials have launched a separate inquiry into the matter.

According to the police, as many as 50 people without proper documentation were able to leave India under the two officers’ watch. A senior officer said, “This is a very serious and dangerous incident. The security of the Mumbai international airport is on risk . I am shocked.”