Air India takes meat off menu for economy class flyers on domestic routes !

Air India, which is reeling under debt and cash crunch, has now decided to take meat off the menu for its economy class flyers on all domestic routes.

While the move is largely being pushed as a cost-cutting measure by the ailing Maharajah, the undertones of a class bias cannot be missed as the airline continues to serve meat to its business class flyers.

Two weeks ago, the Air India management silently cleared the proposal to stop non-vegetarian meals on board domestic flights for economy class flyers.

Sources in the Air India said that the decision will help save Rs. 7-8 crore annually for the national carrier.

This is the second such ‘cost-cutting’ move by Air India in the last few months. Six months ago, the airline had struck off non-vegetarian meals on domestic flights with only economy class flyers which have a flight duration of below 90 minutes.

The recent decision by the Air India management is unlikely to go down well with the flyers. Passengers have been complaining about non-vegetarian meals missing from the on board menu.

The Air India in-flight staff is facing a tough time answering the queries of economy class flyers on denial of non-vegetarian meals when business class flyers on the same flight are having it.

Air India has clarified that egg dishes will continue to be served to economy class passengers on domestic flights, but chicken and other meat items will be off the menu.