Only if she could cry! Widespread encroachment in River Pamba


The responsibility of exploiting holy river Pampa belongs to the people reside near it. Many encroachments have been made in the river for pisciculture and for agricultural purposes. Some even build houses and did a massive take over on river Pamba. The river once majestically had flown now almost finished writing a self-requiem.

Apart from dumping households and industrial wastes, this increased encroachments had even diverted the position of the river bed. When river filling and encroachment happened hand in hand, land near the water source will also get affected and that’s how once river beds now became lands and privately owned properties.

Thus disappeared list of rivers will extend from Pandanad to Mannar. A counter-movements against the river encroachment happened during the last LDf led governments time but thereafter everything just vanished into the thin air as it said to be. Most encroachments had happened by reducing the width of rivers. If proper action had taken in the primary stage this will not have happened. Grama panchayats had kept mouths shut against the whole injustice.

The life lost days

Parumala is a beautiful heavenly island cover with water all the four sides. And river Pamba holds a crucial role in making the land so. It’s also religiously important. Once the river was a prime source of fresh, pure drinking water for all those who reside and visit the place. However, when the exploitation began the nearby wells also dried up, Mannar, Kuruttikad natives met the horrible scarcity for drinking water which is miserable. The absence of farming was found out the one of the main reason this happening if the revival of river has had not taken as soon as possible water will be a forbidden element for Mannar natives in coming years