UAE ministry bans meat products and eggs from Belgium

The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MoCCaE) has banned the import of all kinds of live domestic, wild and ornamental birds; and unprocessed eggs from Belgium after a case of avian influenza was detected.

Dr Majid Sultan Al Qasimi, director of animal health and development department at the ministry, said the importation of thermally treated poultry products (treated meat and processed egg products), however, will continue. He noted that the law applies in all stages of the food chain from primary production through processing until it reaches to the consumer.

The ministry is responsible for standardising and supervising food safety procedures in cooperation with the local food authorities concerned, he said. Authorities are working on developing the necessary policies, strategies and legislation to ensure food safety throughout the food chain and regulating trade activities to enhance food security.

When a shipment of food products is received by the authorities in the country, the documents accompanying the consignments (certificate of origin, health certificate and other required certificates such as Halal certificate) are strictly verified.

The authorities also screen the product identification cards to make sure it complies with UAE standards and examine samples of the food products through laboratory tests to ensure that they are free from harmful substances or contaminants.