Dileep deserves our voices against injustice done to him, nothing wrong in being sympathetic: Dr. Sebastian Paul

In the light of certain events, Sebastian Paul was commenting about Dileep’s situation. He seems to be a sympathizer of the jailed actor’s plight. The advocate took to the media stating that Dileep deserved the benefit of doubt and that the general public must begin to question the conditions under which he was arrested since there are a lot of people incarcerated who haven’t done the actual crime but is put there based on circumstantial evidence not unlike the actor.

A paraphrase of his article: 

Dileep has been incarcerated for 60 days now, and sixty days seems to be a long time for investigations. He was denied bail. The next step is ninety days. In the absence of bail, it is procedure for the court to b presented with a charge sheet.

The police will naturally oppose the bail application on the basis of the charge sheet presented. Whatever happens next happens according to procedure. There is safety in the procedure. However, the criminal law and constitution has given notice to the police, which they conveniently ignored. The judges seems to put their belief in the policemen who are chasing fire without flames.  Under these situations, we must ask a humane question if not for retribution, atleast in remembrance.

The huge media backlash over the actor was largely due to the fact that there was a great deal of media uproar by a falling community followed my media trolling and baseless allegations by many people, most of which goes unverified.  Lets take the case of Abdul Nasar Madani, he was stamped terrorist by the Karnataka police and was put in a cell, awaiting release since all the proof lies in circumstantial evidence. It has been 7 years and investigations are still going on.

Dileep was given permission by the Angamaly Magistrate to spend two hours at his paternity home. It went against strong police opposition. It was a rare instance of happiness. The only ray of hope for the actor, who also spent Onam in jail. We as citizens have the responsibility to respond to such unrighteousness. I had a chance to work for Madani in the name of ‘Justice for Madani Forum’ it yielded good results. However it is surprising that there is no such forums for Dileep.  

There is a need to talk about Dileep’s condition. A talk that must control the overbearing and unjust police control. I am joining like minded people who talk about such people. I am not doing this for my reputation or as a favor to someone. There is nothing for me to gain from this. If you are imprisoned, you have to adapt to being a prisoner. The number of prisoners awaiting, proper trial in Indian jails is so shameful that India will lose its status as an independent, sovereign, republic.  

The compassion towards prisoners and their plight is a purely humane, act of love. It is well known, the injustice of how Christ was treated, even when there was no protests, his tale still resonates in the hearts of everyone, despite being over 2000 years old. There is also the example of veronica, who ignored the roman soldiers and showed compassion towards Christ. The proof of which is still available. Christ’s last message being that of compassion towards the sinner on the cross. This is not just a message for Christians. I saw such compassion in the words of Ganesh Kumar and Jayaram’s willingness to visit Dileep and give him new dresses for Onam.

When Vinayan said that he would refuse to see his son if he lands in jail, he only said so because his son was not in jail. I know the pain of a father whose son has been to jail. Showing compassion to the victim should not result in aggression towards the accused.
The victim of the assault has identified the culprit, and given proof of assault. The police must use the proof given to them and concentrate on building a strong case against them.

There is no need to find out the motivations for sexually assaulting a woman. There has been complaints of Pulsar Suni of sexually assaulting other woman as well. Dileep’s current situation has to be the result of meticulous planning by Pulsar Suni. He is capable of planning such offences and writing it off for monetary gain. Based on the latest documents and proof, I have more doubts, which I am going to keep to myself. While the police is claiming that Dileep’s actions were fueled by his bitter divorce from Manju Warrier, has the actress come out to say it herself? or at least confirm the theory?

Pulsar Suni who is a criminal enjoying the limelight as much  possible, wastes no opportunity in revealing firebrand theories. Should the police club that with a feud between a divorced couple and frame their own theories, while keep him in jail? Everyone has the right to ask questions. It is through these questions that confirm a person’s and a society’s freedom. We might be answered by bullets like in the case of Gauri Lankesh. But the questions should never end.

Deedi Damodar’s careless, unsympathetic stand in the issue hurts me. Now, the police or the free media can interpret my views as some sort of support for Dileep. But what is wrong in creating a supportive, sympathetic tune for Dileep? The police are influencing the media for creating a negative image for Dileep. Every Indian must be given a chance to protect himself under the umbrella of justice. But, when one is pushed out to stand in the rain, the society must question why. Every time Dileep has applied for bail, the police collectively brings out a controversy that denies him bail. I dont think it is a fair system. We must look, understand and begin to question without being afraid of anyone.     

Dr. Sebastian Paul was a member of Parliament, representing Ernakulam in the 14th Lok Sabha elections. He is also well known as a media critic and cultural activist. Dr. Sebastian Paul is an advocate by profession, who is unafraid to speak out about the injustices in the society.