Indian expat in UAE who performs last rites passes away

An Indian, who used to perform last rites for Hindus who died in the Capital, died of heart attack on Sunday.

Friends of Rajagopal Parmeshwaran Pillai said today morning that his body would be repatriated to his home in Palakkad district of Kerala.

“He was liked by everyone. He was a very proactive man, who would take initiatives to help others in his small way,” one of Pillai’s close friend said today. 

Friends said that Pillai’s death is a big loss for the Hindu community in the Capital and he was a source of inspiration for all of them to serve the needy.

“He used to perform the rites and give due respect to the dead. This is an important thing. Also, when there are relatives of the deceased, who aren’t in a position to go to India for last rites, then Pillai would perform those here,” they said.

The rites, though, aren’t an elaborate practice but are prayers and small customs performed after the embalming procedure and before leaving for the airport. Such practices are a norm cutting across all religions. Pillai being a Hindu used to perform rites for people from the same community.

“Such practices were a big relief for the community here. There will be a feeling for the kin and relatives that they have paid their respect to the dead and performed their duty,” his friends added. 

It will be Pillai’s close friend, who will be performing the rites and prayers before his body will be flown to Kerala. Cremation is expected to take place tomorrow at Pillai’s home town. 

Pillai is survived by his wife Meera and son Vibhu.