Skin cancer : causes and symptoms

Common causes of skin cancer

Cumulative sun exposure causes mainly basal cell and squamous cell skin cancer.

The exact reason for it is not known. Basal cell carcinoma is believed to be caused due mutation of DNA in the basaloid cells present in the skin’s upper layer. Squamous cell cancer is caused when there is an alteration in the immune system or some genes in the upper layers of skin.

In most of the cases, exposure to ultraviolet rays is the cause of the gene alteration.

Symptoms of skin cancer

The signs and symptoms of melanoma include changes in a mole like an increase in diameter, change in the color, the border of the mole become irregular and other noticeable changes.

Basal cell carcinoma has few symptoms and they include pink skin growth, the appearance of pearly, red, shiny pink bump, reddish patch or waxy area like a scar on your skin. The reddish patch may also cause itching but is not usually painful.

Squamous cell cancer can be painful. Some of the common symptoms include a red scaly patch, sore that ooze or bleed, wart like growth and abnormal growth on the skin.

The sores usually develop was a bump that starts to ooze or bleed after a small trauma.
Early detection of skin cancer increases your chances of getting completely cured of it.

Squamous cell cancer and basal cell carcinoma are highly treatable. Watch out for these symptoms to early detection and treatment.