Woman sells handmade toys to save her cat

An Emirati woman is selling handmade cat-shaped crochet items to help raise funds to get her pet discharged from a veterinary clinic. Fatma Sawas’ cat, BigHead, was diagnosed with fatty liver three weeks ago and had to undergo surgery to place a feeding tube, before being hospitalised for a week at Modern Veterinary Clinic.

Medical bills piled up to Dh5,000(INR 87000), and another surgery for the six-year-old cat cost an additional Dh3,600.

“BigHead removed the tube on her own. Through x-rays and ultrasound, vets found a strange object in her stomach, which required another surgery last Wednesday,” said Sawas, who owns seven other rescued cats.

Currently unemployed, the 24-year-old needs over Dh4,500 to be able to take her cat back home. The bill keeps piling up with every day of the cat’s stay at the clinic.

To clear the bills, Sawas is selling her handmade cat-shaped crochet designs and toys. The toys cost anywhere between Dh30 to Dh200. So far, she said, she has made just Dh500.

“BigHead is my rescue and has been with me for six years now. She is like my baby and a part of my family. I will do all I can to help and make sure she is healthy again,” said Sawas.

The Emirati started her crochet work about two years ago, designing different items for babies including blankets, cocoons, hats, shoes and crochet mug holders. “I also make customised items based on people’s requests,” said Sawas.

She noted that she fosters cats whenever she can since she has good housing space. 

“We are in a world that’s focused on humans and we forget about animal welfare. As humans, we are supposed to care about other animals as they are part of our society and life,” said Sawas, noting that such small gestures make a big difference.