Daily Horoscope: Your Day Today


Money shall be a problem and all your efforts shall not be positively rewarded.Doubts about your skills and a difficult past experience could interfere with common sense. A new partnership is likely.

This can be a common sense for shopping for a close one but be careful of extravagance.In work matters, it may be a case of too many cooks spoiling the broth. You can insist on doing your own thing. Your mind is full of practical ideas, so present them for their due recognition.

Diplomacy provides best results in tricky and sensitive issues, which you find uncomfortable.Relationships at home may end up with a mass of conflicting issues. In romance, rumours are flying around that could bother you.

Today your past efforts shall pay rich dividends and you shall explore new learning options. Work and a common target could present both challenges and opportunities. This is also a good time to reassess your level of expertise.

There may be a good reason why new arrangements are required. Do not be rash erratic; it will only result in trouble and heartache. Your personal relations may cause sorrow and anxiety for you; the stars are a little unruly right now.

You have to be more serious about sticking to a budget and control your spending habits. Trying to create more harmony could have a boomerang effect now.

You’ll be so intent on doing your own thing that you could neglect the needs of others. Today you have a natural sense of what the family members want from you. In romance, fancy ideas induce a spurt of energy.

Take the wheel of your ship, stars will urge you to throw in your efforts or resources with others to make the most of the things at key times.The trick is to know when and how much.

You could act on first instincts regarding an issue that can bring change to your life. Getting back at the competition may only be half the battle. Be careful about what you eat and try to include some rest in your daily agenda.

All the material resources shall be in plenty and you shall be seeing the world though rose tinted glasses. Your superiors shall be impressed by your capability of handling tricky situations with vision and calm and they shall give you a lot of freedom of action.

A work offer that can improve your financial status may be rejected but try not to let disappointment get you down. Don’t hesitate to try again. You may need to deal with your loved ones and people who are important to you in an affectionate manner.

Give ground carefully when you have to but, once given, don’t stint in your support of what supports you. You may hone past skills for present use. Old associations or familiar groups may be part of your life again.