Indian driver wins 6 crore in Dubai raffle

Another Indian expatriate in the UAE, this time a driver, he won the Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire promotion raffle.

Kaplenghat Velu Venugopalan , who has just won $1 million.

“I may have won, but I still have to do my job, don’t I?” said Venugopalan, who hails from the south Indian state of Kerala.

On Tuesday, Venugopalan became the 121st Indian to win the Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire promotion among a total of 252 raffle draws. Third time was the charm for Venugopalan, as it was his third ticket that helped him become a millionaire.

“I have bought a lot of raffle tickets over the years, but God had this plan for me. I have not won a single dirham before this. I guess when God decided to give me, he gave me the biggest.”

The native of Malappuram district had landed in the UAE in 1987. After doing odd jobs for a couple of years, he joined a company as a driver, and has been with it ever since. Thirty years in the UAE later, Venugopalan now plans to go back to India and “start a small business”.

He also plans to use his newfound wealth to support the less fortunate. “I have personally seen many patients struggling to pay off their medical bills. I want to help them.”