Dubai home to ice ring without ice….?

The Swiss company Glicerink has installed a skating rink at a Dubai school. The product is environmental friendly and does not use any water or energy, helping eliminate any negative environmental impact. The rink will be available for use to students at the Next Generation School in Barsha 3.

“Glice ice is based on a complex molecular technology using high quality polymers and other ingredients to create an artificial surface that looks like ice and has the same glide effect, but doesn’t require any water or energy,” communications manager of Glicerink Florian Kretzschmar said.

“Since it is a synthetic surface, once it is installed it requires no further resources for the operation. When a skater glides over the surface, the blade cuts open the molecules, which then release an auto-lubricating glide agent.”

The rink can also work outdoors and under the hot sun as it uses a waterless zero-energy technology. The Glice synthetic ice functions entirely climate-independent at any location and during any season.

“Finally ice skating is possible in corners of the world, where people have never seen a pair of skates before – in desert countries like Dubai and in the tropics,” Kretzschmar said. The conventional ice rinks require an “enormous amount of water and electricity for the operation”, which is why they are traditionally only found in the northern hemisphere.

“Even there, the operation is a burden for the environment and costly. In warmer climate zones, the operation is basically impossible or would demand an amount of water and electricity that just couldn’t be justified. Glice ecological ice takes water and electricity out of the equation and therefore leaves no climate footprint. It is also much more affordable,” Kretzschmar said.

Glicerinks have been installed in more than 70 countries on five continents, including in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa. The product was initially launched for professional athletes, however, now it is being used all over the world at schools, parks and personal use.