Music channel anchor arrested in Kochi suspecting flight hijacking

A music channel anchor arrested in Kochi in suspecting flight high jacking and bomb attack.

The arrest was made with the report of an air hostess overheard the talk of the anchor with his friend. Varghese shot the video and typed out the hijack threat message when he reached near the aircraft ladder for boarding the flight.

In Mumbai-bound Jet Airways carrying 170 passengers get panicked after the news. Police said that the Clince Varghese, 26, from Thrissur district along with his 27-year-old friend was arrested for spreading panic.

He writes a message to a friend which says he was going to hijack the plane using a ‘happy bomb’. He also informed his friend, who had already boarded the flight. A security staff at airport feeling suspicion in his activities triggered alert and informed police.

As per the information from a police official, during questioning, Varghese told officials he was expressing his happiness to his friend in Mumbai on Facebook chat. Varghese’s friend was not allowed to travel in the aircraft, the official said.