All you need to know about today’s Google doodle featuring equipment

The hole punch was invented by German entrepreneur and inventor Friedrich Soennecken. His company named Soennecken established in 1875 was more focused on office equipment supplying.
On the 131st anniversary of Hole puncher, Google pays tribute with a doodle. The humble office tool hasn’t changed much with the modernization of offices. Since 19th-century hole puncher remains the same without replacement.
The doodle, which will appear on the search engine’s homepage on today, shows the Google logo made up of colorful paper circles, all except the second “g” which is replaced by a blue sheet of paper.
A hole puncher is seen punching two holes in the top of the sheet; the holes form eyes, and the paper performs a little jig as the confetti falls to the ground.
Since then, the hole punch has become an office staple, allowing workers to create holes in sheets of paper so that they can be filed in a ring binder. The ring binder is also an invention of Soennecken.
The working of hole punch is simple, the hole puncher allows the user to line up cylindrical blades and punch holes through stacked sheets of paper with very little effort using a lever and spring system.