Padmavati : Karni Sena members vandalise cinema theater -VIDEO

Padmavati : Karni Sena members vandalise cinema theater…

The Protest against ‘Padmavati’ turned violent on Tuesday as Karni Sena workers vandalised a cinema theater in Kota, Rajasthan.

The members smashed glass counters and windows of Akash cinema hall after the cinema hall showed the trailer of the much-anticipated ‘Padmavati’. 

This is not the first incident when Karni Sena resorted to violence to show it anger towards the film. 

Earlier this year, Sena members vandalised the sets of the film and assaulted film director Bhansali for apparently showing their queen Padmavati in a ‘bad light’. 

Meanwhile, film leading actress Deepika Padukone broke her silence on the controversy surrounding the movie today and expressed her confidence that the movie will tide over the dispute and win a “bigger battle” for the industry.


“As a woman, I feel proud to be a part of this film, and to tell this story, which needs to be told. And it needs to be told now,” said Deepika.

Deepika plays the title role in Padmavati — Bhansali’s professed tribute to the sacrifice, valour and honour of Rajput queen Rani Padmavati.