This is what a sharjah lady offers to get licence,after failing so many attempts

This is what a Sharjah lady offers to get licence, after failing so many test attempts….

A Sharjah woman offered the bribe to the employee of the department of licensing, with a request to issue her a driving licence despite the fact that she hadn’t cleared her driving test.

Woman offered chocolates and Dh500 as bribe to a Sharjah Police official to help her pass her driving test, a court has heard.

Arab women, who is in her 30s, said at the Sharjah criminal court on Tuesday that the chocolates and cash were just a “gift”. “The complainant perceived it as a bribe,” she added.

During the investigation, the complainant said the defendant told her that she had failed in her driving test seven times. The defendant then offered the cash and chocolates as a bribe to help her pass the driving test.