Emirati crashes car into sea, Expat jumps into water to rescue him

Emirati crashes car into sea, Expat jumps i n to water to rescue him

The Abu Dhabi Police’s Instagram account stated that the felicitation, which took place at the general police headquarters on Wednesday, was a recognition for the young man’s humanitarian role in rescuing a citizen from drowning after his vehicle fell into the sea in Abu Dhabi.

The Abu Dhabi Police have honoured a young Russian man — Daniel Bekov — who jumped into the sea to save an Emirati from drowning.

The Emirati had lost control of his vehicle. Fortunately, Bekov was at the scene and did not hesitate for a moment to jump into the water. He broke the window of the vehicle, and saved the Emirati man’s life.

Director of Abu Dhabi Police Major General Maktoum Ali Al Sharifi praised the courage of Bekov, emphasizing that his efforts to save a life is a noble and humanitarian act.

Bekov expressed his gratitude for the honour, and stressed that what he has done is part of his humanitarian duty and dedication to help others.