Man arrested for shooting video of two women without permission.

A young Gulf national stands trial at the Ras Al Khaimah Misdemeanour Court for filming two women and posting their video on social media without consent.


According to judicial sources in the court records, the matter came to light when the accused intentionally videotaped the women at a café shop in the northern Emirate, against their will. 


One of the women lodged a complaint with the RAK Police which summoned the defendant, and referred the case to the public prosecution.


The judicial sources stated, “The man recorded a video of the women on his mobile phone, without their knowledge and worse he posted the same online, without their consent.”


The sources added that the young man faced charges not only for filming the video and posting it online but also for using abusive words against the women in the video. The case was moved to the Ras Al Khaimah Misdemeanour Court which started hearing the pleading of the defendant.


The young man, however, denied the charges and told the court that he was a friend of the two women long time ago, and videotaped them at the café shop with their consent.


He went on to claim that he shared the same video with one of the women who surprisingly lodged a complaint against him, falsely denying any links with him.


Sources said, “The young woman told the police that when her husband saw the video on her mobile phone, he was infuriated and the couple had a heated argument almost damaging their marriage.”


The case was adjourned for further hearing.