Mammootty to don the attire of Kerala Chief Minister

With a busy schedule ahead for the mega-star, Mammootty has accepted a proposal for a new movie. As what will the actor play, let’s take a look.

It’s been close to 27 years since Mammootty played a minister in Nayam Vyakthamakkunnu, and finally, the megastar is all set to don the role of the Kerala chief minister for the first time in his career.

The actor will be playing the role in director Santhosh Vishwanath’s upcoming movie, which is scripted by Bobby-Sanjay duo.

Sanjay tells us, “The movie will be a political thriller and have Mammootty playing the role of the chief minister. We are planning to start shooting by the end of this year after he’s done with his other commitments.”

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On roping in the star for the role, Santhosh, who had previously helmed Chirakondija Kinavukal, says, “He was thrilled when he heard the story, especially because it’s the first time he would be acting as a chief minister in Malayalam. He had played chief minister only once in the Tamil film Makkal Aatchi.”

The director says that if Mammootty did not accept the role of the veteran leader, the team would have abandoned the project.

Elaborating on the role, the filmmaker says, “We needed someone of his stature to pull it off as the character is a role model in terms of how a chief minister should be in contemporary Kerala. We wouldn’t be showing the politician’s affiliation to a party or a flag as the movie will highlight how a chief minister is beyond all that and is ultimately the leader of the masses.”

Apart from Mammootty, the team has also roped in Vishnu Unnikrishnan and Sreenivasan. “The film also talks about the discussion between an ordinary youth played by Vishnu and the State’s CM. So in a way, it’s about how anyone can propel change if they put their mind to it. The movie also discusses an issue that politicians fear the most and people support,” says the director. “Even for Bobby and Sanjay, it’s a different attempt as the movie also uses humor while keeping the seriousness of the issue intact.”