See what a man did to make his three wives happy in UAE

Husbands will always wish to make their brides happy, but it is something out of border that a man did to make happy his three wives, a GCC nationals, who stood trial at the Sharjah Misdemeanour Court, said that he found using drugs to be a great way to bring happiness to his three wives.

The man was charged with consuming methamphetamine crystal or crystal meth, known in the UAE as shebu. During the hearing at the court, he tried to convince the court that he is innocent and that he consumed the drug to please his wives and avoid problems.

The man in his 40s told the court that he sought help from a friend after he started suffering family problems after his third marriage. “I told him that I wanted to show love to all my wives after the first two wives started complaining when I married the third one. I wanted to regain their respect,” he told the judge.

He said that his friend suggested that the latter would give him a medicine that would give him energy and make him hyperactive. “He also told me that this would help me forget thinking about my financial problems.

“My friend first brought me the drug and assured me that it will not cause any complications.”

He told the court that at first he did not know that the drug is banned as per the UAE laws. “After that I started buying the drug, which was encouraged by my wives, who felt me stronger because of the use of the drug.”

He told the judge that later he knew that the drug was not permitted in the UAE, but he was not aware that using it is a punishable act. He also said that he didn’t know the dangerous consequences of the drug and urged the court to be lenient on him.

The accused told Khaleej Times that he came to know about the dangerous impact of the drug only after his arrest. He said that he committed mistake by listening to his friend, who offered him the drug.