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10 Reasons to drink Coconut water daily

Each coconut contains around 200 to 1000 ml of water. Coconut water is not only a tasty beverage but also has many health benefits and is rich in amino acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes. Here is a list of some of the health benefits of drinking coconut water.

1. Cures hangover

After a night of partying and drinking, drink coconut water to settle your tummy. It will re-hydrate you and replenish the essential electrolyte in your body. This refreshing beverage is the ultimate remedy for hangover.

2. Cures upset stomach

Coconut water provides potassium and other vitamins and minerals. The tannins present in the coconut water also reduce the inflammation.

3. Tonic for your heart

Free of fat and cholesterol, coconut water helps increase the amount of good cholesterol and decreases the amount of bad cholesterol, protecting the heart. It is essentially a heart tonic lowering the risk of heart disease. Coconut water contains antiplatelet and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps reduce the formation of plaque and improves blood circulation.

4. Prevents kidney stone

Drinking coconut water will help prevent kidney stone. According to a study,coconut water reduced formation of crystals in the urine.

5. Aids digestion

Coconut water will offer you relief from indigestion as it contains high fiber concentration. It lowers the risk of acid influx and prevents indigestion. So, drink coconut water if you frequently encounter difficulty in the digestion process.

6. Aids in weight loss

Low in calories, coconut water is an excellent drink if you are trying to lose weight. It makes you feel full, improves fat metabolism, flushes out the toxins, suppresses the appetite and aids digestion. You can drink a glass of coconut water about four times a week to help the weight loss process.

7. Gives you clear skin

For all those of you searching for a fool proof solution to get blemish free skin, your search ends here. Apply coconut water on your skin to reduce acne and other marks of the skin. It will help you to get clear skin. It will also moisturize your skin giving it a soft glow.

8. Treats Headaches

Coconut water is a wonderful remedy for headaches caused by dehydration. It hydrates your body and replenishes the electrolytes. Coconut water also contains magnesium, which has been shown to lower the frequency of migraine attack.

9. Lowers blood pressure

Potassium in coconut water helps lower blood pressure. Apart from potassium, coconut water contains arginine, which improves blood flow and relaxes blood vessels. Drinking a glass of coconut water before hitting the bed will improve circulation of blood.

10. Has anti-aging effect

Cytokinins present in the coconut water have anti-aging effect on the tissues and cells. It lowers the risk of age-related and degenerative diseases. Drinking this refreshing beverage will make your skin clear and smooth. You can make a skin clearing paste by adding two teaspoon of sandalwood powder to coconut water. Apply this paste on your skin and let it dry. Then wash it off with some water. Do this thrice a week to get youthful skin.





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