Drinking water crisis: Rs 69.9 crore sanctioned

Kerala government had sanctioned Rs 69.9 crores to alleviate drinking water crisis in the state. The state is facing one of the major droughts happened in the century. Revenue minister E. Chandrasekharan said that government had taken all the possible measure to overcome the present crisis of water.

“The government has allotted a total of Rs 69.9 crore to address drinking water crisis in the financial year ended this March. Of this, 20.9 crores have been spent so far,” the minister said.

No: of working days under MNREGA has been shortened to 50 days from 100 considering the present climate condition. “This will benefit over three lakh people enrolled in the scheme and will enable the state to get an additional amount of Rs 365 crore under the scheme,” the minister said.

A team from central government had visited the drought-hit areas as per the memorandum submitted by the state government. Over 3,000 water kiosks were being operated in the state, he said. Drinking water is distributed using tanker lorries in remote areas. Adoor Prakash of Congress said the government was just issuing orders and its intervention to address the crisis was not effective.


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