Pakistani Kills Indian man in Dubai

Dubai colleague kills Indian man over work access card The Abu Dhabi Criminal Court of First Instance heard that the Pakistani stabbed his colleague twice in the stomach using a kitchen knife following a quarrel.

Official court documents stated that the victim, an Indian, had asked the defendant to lend him his entry access card for a day so he can use it to enter their workplace as he had misplaced his own.

Both men were employees of two different construction companies at the new Abu Dhabi Airport project.

The Pakistani worker agreed to give the victim his access card. And a few minutes later, he met his other friend, a co-worker, who blamed him for giving his access card to the victim stressing that it was not acceptable by the company rules. The man’s friend also asked him how he would enter the work site the following day without the access card.

The defendant rushed back to the victim, who was allegedly near the worksite office with two men and a woman and asked him to return his access card.

The victim reportedly gave back the card to the defendant after a small argument and also allegedly pushed him by the chest.

The man got annoyed and whipped out a kitchen knife, which he had hidden in his pocket and stabbed the victim twice in the stomach and chest before fleeing the scene.

Police rushed to the site after being informed about the attack but found the man had died after bleeding profusely.

Authorities detained the killer who admitted to attacking his colleague claiming that it was in self-defence.

“I attacked him with a knife in self-defence as he and his friends tried to beat me up. But I didn’t intend to kill him,” the man told the judge.

Prosecutors charged the man with the pre-mediated murder of the worker.


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