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Given below is Today’s Horoscope, ie., horoscope for May 14, 2017. Choose your zodiac sign from the list given below and get your horoscope for today.

Aries: Today is one of the lucky days for you when fortune smiles on you. It has the potential to take you to places you have never dreamt of. Your day is backed by lady luck in all your endeavours. You know that success is achieved when you work hard. Today you can achieve anything with your dedication.

Taurus: Career communications are not as clear as they could be, but difficulties in personal relationships will begin to clear as the lines of transmission are opened. Don’t be afraid to say what you think or feel; it is natural for you to be a speaker of truth. You will have a much better understanding of your own truths in the coming days too.

Gemini: This day is going to be a day of  hardwork for you. You will probably be able to finish some project satisfactorily which was dragging on for a long time. This is going to impress your superiors. You are also likely to be noticed by a prominent person in authority who will influence your future.

Cancer: You have probably been feeling ignored in recent days, but today you will grab everyone’s attention. The limelight will be centred on you and you are going to justify it by rising easily to the occasion. This can be related to the appearance of a new friend, reappearance of an old one or some situation at work.

Leo: The time is just right to indulge in some light-hearted fun with friends. Go out for a party or a fun filled evening and you are likely to become the life and soul of the festivities. In the course of this, you will meet someone who will enjoy the same things as you and will also recognize your potential.

Virgo: You are a good judge and can analyze things very well. Today, you will receive a lot of appreciation for this outlook of yours. People will look upto you for your ability to act well and get things done in a perfect manner ! You may receive unexpected news requiring you to travel to the most dangerous destinations. Do not panic, it is going to be a short trip !

Libra: Today you may have some problem with your transport. If you are going for an important work, double check your alternative mode of transport and keep a backup plan ready. You may be a little agitated from inside. But don’t lose your cool as it is just a short phase and will pass by easily. Spend time with your family.

Scorpio: You may be cracking one of the biggest joint venture deals today. But you must mention explicitly once again your mission and goals to your partner. If altercations arise, then you may be driven by impulses and this is what you need to keep in check. You may devote the end of the day towards your intellectual pursuits or in perusal of an artistic passion.

Sagittarius: You now have developed a strong sense of commitment. You may have to meet some family obligations and you will rise splendidly to the occasion. You will be polishing all your skills right now and calling on your hidden resources to meet the challenges in your life. The journey is likely to be difficult, however you are going to enjoy each and every moment of it.

Capricorn: Your mind is very active today. You are full of ideas and inspiration. You will be constantly coming up with new ideas which you will be able to plan and execute very easily. Your only problem today will be that you may feel overwhelmed by the flood of new ideas that will constantly fill your mind. You are also likely to inspire others around you to a higher level of activity.

Aquarius: Business meeting will see some pending negotiations taking favorable turns. You are steady and stable today. Your decisions are an outcome of well thought processes. Work environment may see some positive changes. You may meet an old acquaintance. At home you may be calm and contended. Intellectual growth will be unparalleled. Loved ones may bring joy in your life through good news.

Pisces: It is time for you to take a break from your hectic schedule and have a calm look at your surroundings and your condition. You have been rushing about fulfilling your various obligations. Now, you have completed all that you can do and it is time to relax and enjoy the fruits of your planning and your efforts.



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