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Meet ‘tiny t1’, world’s smallest mobile phone; see video

Named Zanco tiny t1, the 13g tiny phone has a 0.49-inch OLED display – the same OLED display used in today’s smartphones but in a very smaller size. The phone is so small that it’s just the size of a human thumb.

Though the device cannot obviously be compared to our today’s Android smartphones, it still comes in with numerous features. Featuring a nano-SIM card slot, the phone has a space to save over 300 contacts. The phone keeps a past record of 50 SMS messages and 50 last calls. The keyboard of the phone too works efficiently with smoothness, reported Tech Juice.


Tiny t1’s manufacturer Shazad Talib, a Bradford-born entrepreneur said, “I came up with the idea for it in about 2004 and I’ve had engineers working on it for years. It is actually very easy to use when it is placed on your finger. My next design will be a small smartphone. I have a lot of ideas.”


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