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Fitness expert injected ‘stem cells’ into penis for making it bigger

Ben Greenfield is something of an icon among certain fitness circles. He certainly appears to be a very fit human being, his celebrity status is actually because of his scientific pursuits.

Greenfield considers himself a biohacker, the group of people that turn to science to improve their bodies. And just recently, he decided he would try to make his penis bigger by injecting it with stem cells.

Earlier in November, Greenfield visited US Stem Cell in Florida, a clinic that’s previously come under fire for blinding three patients in controversial stem cell therapy trials. In a webinar where Greenfield told the story, he and US Stem Cell’s chief scientific officer Kristin Comella explained the procedure to attendees. They isolated stem cells from fat cells in his body and then injected them into the meaty part of his dong’s tissue. “You don’t feel a thing other than a little bit of pressure,” he said.

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Now, stem cell therapy does show some process. In fact, earlier studies have shown it could be used to treat erectile dysfunction. However, those studies were too small for their results to be considered guaranteed, there’s no telling what effect stem cell therapy would have on a man without erectile dysfunction, and there could still be other risks involved like an infection. Nevertheless, Greenfield went ahead.

And Greenfield claims the procedure was a success and that he’s “noticeably better hung.” Just a few days after the procedure he says, it felt like his penis just grew. Supposedly, his erections were bigger and harder, and his orgasms were better. But when asked whether he’d measured the changes, Greenfield’s answer was a bit suspect

“I haven’t taken out a ruler,” he said, claiming the size would fluctuate too much to get a constant measurement. But he “believes” it looks visibly larger. “When inside of my wife, she can tell,” he added. Because a woman has never lied to her husband about the size of his genitalia.


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