Hair Mistakes You Didn’t Know Could Make You Look Older

Centre parting

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Changing your hair parting once a while is only good for your hair as this can avoid bald spots in the future. However, do you know that a centre parting look can add years to your age? Instead, try a side parting or a deep side parting for open hairdos.

Straight hair

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A lot of times, we end up straightening our hair too much. This again can you make you older. A little bit of volume on the top is the perfect solution. You can also go for waves and curls at the ends.

Super-sleek ponytail

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When it comes to sporting a ponytail, avoid a high and too tight ponytail. Instead, go for a loose ponytail for effortless style. Also, you should avoid centre parting ponytails.

High top knots

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When it comes to top knot, a tight one can make you look older just like the ponytail. Go for a loose one or try a braided top knot.

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