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Natural Remedies And Tips To Stop Snoring

Snoring cannot be cured. It can, however, be successfully controlled. The sound we know as snoring is caused by a physical abnormality that needs to be identified before a control can be found.

Avoid alcohol and smoking

Drinking before bed can make snoring worse for many people, so try and avoid drinking (especially excessively) to try and ease the symptoms.

Smoking can also alleviate the problem – it irritates the membranes in the nose and throat, which leads to blocked airways.

Lose any excess weight

If you’re a little overweight, then your neck tissue can become bulky and lead to snoring.

Losing a bit of weight can slim down the neck tissue and possibly help reduce snoring.

Tongue exercises to help reduce snoring

Sleep on your side

More often than not, snoring may increase when you are lying on your back and your tongue falls back and increases airway resistance.

Therefore, try and avoid sleeping on your back and get into a habit of sleeping on your side.

Keep your bedroom moist

Dry air can annoy the nose and throat, so leaving a window slightly open or popping a dehumidifier in your room, may help.

Keep your bedroom clean

Snoring can be often made worse by dust and allergens found in your bedroom.

Make sure to hoover your bedroom on a regular basis (including carpets and curtains), change your sheets and pillowcases every week and get new pillows every two years.

Try nasal strips

Nasal strips can help to open nasal passages, to help you to breathe easier and alleviate snoring.

Use peppermint products

Rubbing some peppermint oil around your nose may also work to open up your nasal passages

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