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Things That All Women Hate In Men

Here are some of the most common things that women hate about men in a relationship.

Changing plans

There’s nothing more irritating to a woman than a man who constantly changes when he’s available, what time he wants to meet and where he wants to take you to dinner. Don’t be that gentleman; make a plan and stick to it.

Bad manners

Bad manners are a sure fire way to put a woman right off you. If you’re in the habit of interrupting, speaking with your mouth full or serving yourself before you serve her, may we kindly suggest you remind yourself of your P’s and Q’s.

Over affection

As much as she might try and make you think otherwise, a woman doesn’t want to be constantly nagged for attention or be forever called by her nickname. Your sister or your mother might like it, but not your girlfriend.

under affection

It’s sometimes difficult to win as a gentleman, but we all know what’s going to happen if you don’t pay her any attention whatsoever. Balance is key, gentlemen, balance is key.


Every woman loves a gentleman who can make quick, set-in-stone decisions. Contrary to what you might think, a woman really doesn’t want to be harping on at you to make up your mind; she wants you to do it yourself.

Being a mummy’s boy 

Now that you are a fully fledged gentleman, it’s important to make sure you leave old habits where they belong – in the past. The woman you love isn’t going to fold your pyjamas on your bed for you, iron your boxer shorts for you or have a hot meal waiting for you every night – no matter how much you want her to. Repeat after us: I am not a mummy’s boy.

Leaving the loo seat up

Just don’t do it.

Ordering for her 

She’s got eyes and a mouth, doesn’t she? Then let her order her own food. You might think it’s endearing to take charge and choose what you think she might like, but it’s not – trust us.


Or rather, selective hearing. It’s an irritating habit for a gentleman to have, and one that we suggest you remember to forget.


Taking longer than her in the bathroom is the first sign that you’re a little too vain. Yes, your suit may be looking particularly sharp but please try and avoid catching yourself in every reflection that will take you.


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