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Shocking! This Man Showed that You Can Use ‘Ok Google’ Command to Fire a Gun. Watch Video

Guns activated remotely are not anything new, but what you don’t realize is that you are carrying that technology in your pocket. Artist and Robotics Alexander Reben has showed that Google Assistant can be even used to pull the trigger that might some day put a bullet on someone’s head. Disturbing isn’t ?

third party image reference
third party image reference

In a video uploaded by Ruben, he can be heard saying ‘Ok Google, activate Gun’ and then the smart speaker process his command and then pull the air pistol trigger, firing a bullet right in to an apple. Google Assistant can also be heard saying ‘Sure Turning on the Gun’.

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How did he do it ?
Reben used a voice-control enabled smart plug to control when the current passed through the electromagnet and set-up the Google Assistant to refer to the mains switch as the ‘gun’.

An electromagnet taken from the change-dispensing mechanism in a laundromat was used to pull a string tied around the trigger and fire the pistol. watch video

Reben may have used Google Assistant , but he said he could have easily set this up with any other input device like an Amazon Echo speaker for example. His efforts are throwing interesting concerns for the tech giant as it poses a disturbing possibility that in near future someone might use this technology to do the worst.

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