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Is Your Mobile Charger Fake Or Real; Here Is Out To Spot Out The Fake Ones

Most of us are not aware if our mobile chargers are real ones or fake. While we might dismiss them saying that “as long as it charges its fine”, fake chargers can cause potential damage to health or even death.

Now how to spot if yours is original or not?

Here are 6 brands that tell you how to identify the real chargers:


In order to check if your Apple charger is original, there are two things which differentiate them — the ‘Designed by Apple in California’ lettering and the dark Apple logo. On fake chargers, the logo colour may be faint or the aforementioned lettering may be absent.


Similar to Apple, even the original Samsung chargers might be tough to identify. However, if your charger is counterfeit, the adapter will bear the words ‘A+’ and ‘Made in China’ on it.

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OnePlus is known to offer one of the fastest charging technologies with its Dash Charger. However, you could be fooled with a similar-looking fake one from the retailers. Always remember, after connecting to the original OnePlus adapter, your phone battery symbol will be accompanied by a flash symbol rather than a standard charging icon.

Xiaomi Mi:

Xiaomi’s Mi devices are excessively popular but there are several fake Mi chargers available out there. In this case, the length of the cable acts as the identifier since the original cable measures more than 120cms along with a not-too-large adapter module.


In order to identify the fake Huawei charger, scan the barcode information on the charger and check if it matches with the details printed on the adapter. Both the information will be similar for an original charger.

Google Pixel:

The only way to check the originality of a Pixel smartphone charger is by the charging speed. Google provides fast chargers with its smartphones and the charging speed is slow only if the charger unit is fake.

Fake chargers can affect the battery performance, capacity to store charge and overall life (if done repeatedly).

So be careful when you buy chargers from shops and online.


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