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Zika virus : All you need to know

Zika virus is transmitted by daytime-active Aedes Aegypti mosquitos that also carry dengue, chikungunya viruses. Its name comes from the Zika Forest of Uganda, where the virus was first isolated in 1947.

*The virus is strongly suspected to cause birth defects and neurological problems in newborns, which can be a problem given high birth rate in India.

*Since India provides fertile climate for the aedes egypti mosquito to grow and multiply, an outbreak situation is possible.

*The mosquito also carries dengue and chikungunya viruses that claim hundreds of lives and infect thousands every year

*There are no vaccines or cure for Zika virus.

What are the symptoms?



*Joint pain

*Head and bodyache


What are the preventive measures?

*Check mosquito breeding in and around your house

*The mosquito that carries Zika Virus- Aedes Aegypti- breeds in fresh water. Don’t let water collect in birdbaths, planters, unused bottles, containers, discarded waste, tyres etc.

*Use mosquito repellants such as creams, gels, electronic mosquito repellants, patches, incense sticks

*Use bed nets

*Grow plants that are known to repel mosquitoes such as citronella, basil, lemon grass, lavender, mint, rosemary etc.

* Wear dresses that cover most of the body parts.

*Take special precautions during the day as Aedes Aegypti is a day-biting mosquito


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