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No Help From Govt Post Floods, Old Couple Ready to Sell Kidney

Idukki: Kerala Govt has been under criticism for not being able to handle the post-flood works properly. A lot of flood victims who rightly deserved assistance from Govt have not got anything and one such old couple is ready to go to the extent of selling their kidneys.

Josephy(72) has hung a board in front of his house expressing his willingness to sell his own kidneys. The board says he has not received any aid so far since he had no money to bribe the officers and that he needs to sell the kidney to raise the money for bribing the officers.

The house in which Joseph and his wife live s had suffered extensive damage in the floods that happened during the month of August. The house was built 25 years ago and the couple lives in one room of the house which was not completely destroyed.

The couple had been living by giving two rooms in their house for rent. With the floods taking away those rooms, their income too has stopped.

Joseph says he has knocked on all doors seeking help but has so far received none. He added that he is ready to sell kidneys since his poor health prevents him from doing other jobs.


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