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What is Minoxidil? Does it help in beard growth? Is it safe?

Minioxidil is a vasodilator solution, which was used as medicine to cure people having high blood pressure in the 90s. Through the ravages of time and scientific innovations, Minoxidil become the most efficient topical solution for hair regrowth and now new generation peers are using if for unlimited beard growth. Several hoaxes related to Minoxidil treatment are flushing through social media websites these days. There are even many desi you tubers who vlog their minoxidil cycle without having proper knowledge. Read this entire article to know what Minoxidil does to your body.

What is Minoxidil?

Minoxidil, known as Rogaine scientifically is a kind of least powerful acids. The chemical was developed in late 1950s as a vasodilator to cure people having high blood pressure. Surely it does regulate the blood pressure but the patients who took rogaine oral regularly exhibited side effects which included increased hair growth. Though there are major side effects to be considered like heart muscle ache, Rogain later became the final solution for hair loss.

How is Minoxidil applied now?

In spite, Minoxidil is seen in two forms(form, liquid), the liquid form is most commonly used. They are taken topically in the area of hair loss. There are many Dermatologists who would suggest Minoxidil for hair regrowth cycle.

How does Minoxidil work?

Minoxidil being a vasodilator dilates the hair follicles. This in turn opens potassium channel towards them and allow more blood to flow towards each follicle. Thus hair growth is enhanced.

Why Minoxidl is applied for beard growth?

Nowadays Minoxidil is used for beard growth by the teenagers as it enhances the facial hair growth. The hair follicles in the facial region are more active than other hair follicles in your body. A little eternal stimulation will enhance those hair follicles to grow better.
Youngsters who are obsessed with facial hair and thick beard buy Minoxidil solution from local medical stores and apply them with no medical assistance. This should be avoided since minoxidil has hidden side effects.

Are these hairs eternal?

No. The new-grown hairs in the head would not be lasting long. You can see it shedding right after you quit minoxidil. But when a beard is considered, the facial hairs will last eternal with proper health. Newly sprouted hairs would be the vellus hairs and they need time to get terminal and this can be done through proper nutrition and conditioning.

What are the side effects of Minoxidl ?

Side effects of Minoxidil include severe pain in chest area, involuntary pupil dilation, itchiness, rashness and acne in some cases.


Minoxidil application is not a big deal if it is used only for the short term. Prolonged usage may cause serious health conditions. There are even reports which say prolonged use of Minoxidil in the scalp ( more than three years ) has resulted in impotency in males.


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