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TV Actress Says She was Harassed by 14 Drunk Men on Holi

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain actress Chahatt Khanna got attacked by a group of drunkards on the festival of Holi in Malad. The incident took place at around 7 pm when she was travelling with her children.

Chahatt Khanna spoke to and narrated the entire incident and how she fought with them alone. She said, “Last evening around 7 pm, I was travelling in my car with my kids, maid and staff and suddenly, a car banged my car from behind. It happened at S V Road, Malad. My driver braked and we were all thrown forward. I looked behind and saw 6 burly men getting down from the car. 4 bikes carrying 8 more men were right with the car, one on either side. So, 14 men in all.”

“They forced my driver to get down somehow and started beating him up. The next thing I knew was that the back glass of my car had also been smashed. Soon, they were on the bonnet of my car and even on the roof, dancing and singing.”

She called the police and when the hooligans still followed them, she stepped out of the car to face them. “I took my chappals and threatened them. Worse still, 4 of them started getting physical with me. I decided to call the local MLA, but at this very juncture the cops arrived. Had they come 5 minutes later, I don’t know if I would have been alive,” she said. Chahatt also thanked the police for their action. “Hats off to the police and the present BJP government for this under which we have such an efficient system,” she said.


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