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Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi Held Discussions With Terror Organisation Behind Blasts in Srilanka?

A wave of deadly blasts had hit Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday. Authorities now say there were nine suicide bombers, and have arrested around 60 people in a nationwide investigation. The death toll has risen to 359 people. Hundreds more were injured in the attacks, which targeted several churches and luxury hotels. Although no organization has claimed responsibility for the blast, the Sri Lankan authorities have since named the National Tauheed Jamaat — an extremist organization on the island — as responsible for the horrific acts of terror.

A faction of National Tauheed Jamaat is also active in Tamil Nadu operating under the same name and its name is also connected with terror acts according to the newspaper reports. It is a well-established fact that Tamil Nadu Tauheed Jamaat and Sri Lanka’s National Tauheed Jamaat are complementary to each other and this organization was established in 2003 in Tamil Nadu.

The Tamil Nadu Tauheed Jamaat is involving in running orphanages, old age homes, education field, teaches Islam and also has 800 prayer halls across the state.

But then there is an FIR was lodged against the Tawheed Jamat’s one faction active in Tamil Nadu in October 2017 on forcefully converting Christians to Islam.

Tamil Nadu Tauheed Jamaat had earlier organized a massive rally of Muslims in Chennai. UPA government at the center did notice the involvement of the masses in the rally and the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi, UPA Chairperson decided to meet their leaders. Tauheed Jamaat has been demanding reservation to Muslims as per the recommendations of the Justice Ranganath Misra Commission.

Sonia and Man Mohan had 15-minute meeting with the representatives of the Tamil Nadu Tauheed Jamaat separately. The Congress leaders assured them that the government would do the needful as soon as possible.

Maulvi Zainul Abideen presented to both PM and Sonia a copy of English translation of the Holy Quran and his book “Mohamed (PBUH) the Man Supreme”.

Tamil Nadu Tauheed Jamaat’s General Secretary E Mohammad admitted to having a sister organization in Sri Lanka called Sri Lanka Tauheed Jamaat but also said that they have no connection with the National Tauheed Jamaat.

“The blasts in Lanka are against our ideology. They say Islamists have done it. They are naming the National Tauheed Jamaat. We don’t know who they are. We have nothing to do with them,” said General Secretary E Mohammad.


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