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A girl reveals about sexual abuse and assault she faced in a relationship

Today we always hear about people especially girls and women who became victims of sexual abuse and sexual assault by entering into wrong relationships. PSome people use romance as a mask to fulfil their lust.

Now a facebook post by a girl who also became the victim of sexual abuse by her lover has become viral in the social media.

She made it clear that she shared her story in social media for inspiring others to fight back. She wrote ‘ Today, I hope that my story inspires other women to fight back. Just know that there’s always someone who has been through what you have and you are never alone.”

Read Full Facebook Post: 

TRIGGER WARNING“I was the stereotypical small town girl who came to Mumbai to chase her dreams. But once I got here,…

Gepostet von Humans of Bombay am Dienstag, 30. April 2019


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