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Virtual Kidnapping: Crimes and criminals too become smarter

Technology helps criminals with new ways to gain money in an easy way and to reduce the risk of getting hold. Virtual kidnapping is one among them.

In Virtual Kidnapping, the kidnappers use robo-calling technique whereby they could manipulate the number appearing on the recipient’s phone.

People may have shared many personal details on online platforms which helps them to gather other information. By using these details and spoof call they can create a make belief story of the kidnapping. Robocalls are done using special voice-over-IP services like Skype.

The caller can make the recipient’s address book number appear in their phone. The victims till now have lost a good amount of money and they have gone through severe mental strains. The perpetrators make a deep study from the information available on social media and thus make a convincing plot.

The increasing incidents have become a headache for US investigation agency FBI. The cases are not integrated under a national investigation scheme. The authorities ask people to reduce sharing personal information in online platforms.


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