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Hundreds of men jailed for sex offenses

In the African country, Uganda hundreds of men had been jailed for sexual offense charges. The country has established special courts to handle long-pending cases in court. The trials are been held in special courts assigned in 13 districts in the country. Till now 414 men and 9 women are found culprits in 13 cases.

The culprits have been sentenced with 50-year imprisonment to mandatory social services.

The Ministry of Law in the country in a statement informed that the decision to finish the long-pending cases has been successful. First aimed to solve 650 cases but now has completed 788 cases.

In Uganda, the violence and sexual assault against women are increasing day by day.In 2017,1335 rape cases and 14,985 sexual assault cases against children has been reported in the country. The country has decided to solve around 1000 cases pending in the courts.


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