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What’s the feminism in denying a fish fry, Here is the answer

A short while ago actress Rima Kallingal had shared her experience where she was denied a fish fry in her home. She added that the incident had made her a true feminist. She was pointing the gender inequality even seen in the dining table. But that revelation was not received well. Many people trolled her for saying such a silly thing in public. Fish fry has become synonymous with her name.

The more interesting thing is that she was highlighting the hardships of women and she had to undergo the same for revealing it. Instead of discussing the matter with some responsibility everyone was busy to attack her. But what she said was a known truth. Those who have trolled Rima Kallingal for her comment about gender inequality in getting the food must watch the new video directed by the ace filmmaker Kiran Rao.

The 10-second video powerfully portrays the inequality. Rao mentions how girl children are discriminated from a very young age. This video has been shared by Rima, Aashique and Parvathy captioning fish fry. Fellows, it’s high time to think about the injustices before our eyes. You can remain blind towards it and accuse the whole world of its darkness. Let ourselves be the change.

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