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Kuwait to deport expats who Drive without a license

The Kuwait Interior Ministry has informed that the expats who found out to be drive without a valid driving license will be deported from the country.

The law in Kuwait instructs to deport the expats who drive without a license. And the law must be enforced strictly, the Directorate General of Public Relations and Security Information of the Interior Ministry revealed in a press statement.

The data revealed by the ministry reveals that 263 people lost their lives in road accidents in the last year. It is 4% higher than in 2017. Most people died in Al Ahamedi governorate, around 86 people. The least number of deaths are reported in City governorate, around 13.

4584 case has been considered by the traffic court. 300 people were sentenced to jail in traffic rule violations in the last year. 263 licenses have been suspended. 4,88,778 Kuwait Dinar has been imposed as fines. In January last year, 20 cases were registered and in December around 1576 case.


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