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A.K Balan’s Plan to Provide Employment to SC/ST Citizens in Gulf Countries, Here is How Advocate Jayasankar Responded

Kerala Government has come up with a new plan to provide more employment opportunities in gulf countries for SC/ST citizens of Kerala. Minister A.K Balan had reached Dubai, held discussions with many companies, to find jobs for those who have finished the skill development training.

In its first stage of implementation, the government is planning to place about 1300 citizens of SC/ST, in different companies in the gulf. Advocate Jayasankar, a well known political analyst, while speaking to an online media, felt that A.K Balan could have done it in an easier way.

“Why did he take such a difficult option. He could have asked Yusuf Ali to give jobs to some of the members of his community. Or he could have asked this to Comrade Ravi Pillai. Why did he go to UAE then”? asked Jayasankar while speaking about how the members of the state government are spending money from the treasury for their foreign trips.


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