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BJP Leader Sandeep varier Draws a Comparison Between Ramya Haridas and Mayawati. Check Out his Fb Post

Youth Congress activists in Kerala had set out on a mission to collect money to buy a car for Remya Haridas, M.P from Alathur. The pictures of Donation receipt to this fund, made by Youth Congress committee of Alathur had gone viral on the internet. As the issue was used to mock Remya Haridas and Congress party, eventually they retracted from the effort. BJP leader Sandeep G Varier has now drawn a comparison between Remya and BSP leader Mayawati.

“Mayawati or Uttar Pradesh’s Pengaloottti(sister). She has the hobby of collecting crores of Rupees through the workers of the party, then makes garlands of currency notes, etc. She will keep the money as her asset evading the Income-tax department. Good leaders usually donate the gifts they get for some public use..” he wrote on Facebook. Check out his original Facebook post.


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