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Government distributes expired edible oil to flood victims

It is accused that the Andhra Pradesh government has distributed expired edible oil packets to flood affected peoples in the state. The edible oil packets distributed by Guntur district administration to victims of Krishna flood in Kolluru mandal has been reported expired. The oil packets were expired on july 16.

The flood victims who had received the oil packets staged a protest demanding the administration to take back the oil packets and give them fresh oil packets.

Former state minister and Telugu Desam Party (TDP) leader Nara lokesh criticized the government. He accused that the government is not taking the issue seriously. ” They are playing with the health of the public by supplying slate oil packets to flood victims”, he tweeted.

But the district administration made it clear that mistake took as some of the employees working in the godown has mixed the expired packets which were kept aside to return to the supplier with the fresh packets.

The flood in the Krishna river has affected 34 villages in Krishna district and 53 villages in Guntur district. Over 8000 people were transferred to relief camps.


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