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German Synagogue attacked , two killed: Assailant detained by German police

In a similar modus-operandi to New Zealand’s Christchurch mosque shooting a heavily armed assailant attacked a Synagogue and live-streamed the assault on to streaming site ‘Twitch’. The attack was on the Jews holiest day ‘Yom Kippur’and the synagogue was tightly packed.

However, the German Police were swift to thwart the attack and avoided heavy casualties. Two people were killed as he fired shots outside the building and into a kebab shop, authorities and witnesses said. The German national was successfully blocked from carrying out a full-fledged attack and the situation was dissolved outside the synagogue premises.

Germany’s top security official, Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, said authorities must assume that it was an anti-Semitic attack, and said prosecutors believe there may be a right-wing extremist motive to it. He said several people were, injured.

Twitch the streaming site ‘worked with urgency’ to remove the 35-minute footage of the shooting. The attacker’s details were not disclosed except that he belonged to an extreme right-wing Anti-Semitic group. He shouted, “root of all problems are the Jews.”…before shooting down a woman outside the synagogue.

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