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Avocados can help prevent diabetes. Here’s how

A new research study revealed that eating avocados will prevent diabetics. The study published in the journal — ‘Molecular Nutrition and Food Research’ has come with this finding. The research was led by Prof. Paul Spagnuolo.

The study have shown how a compound found only in the fruit can inhibit cellular processes that normally lead to diabetes. The team also found that the substance was absorbed into the blood with no adverse effects in the kidney, liver or muscle.

The U of G researchers discovered that avocation B (AvoB), a fat molecule found only in avocados, counters incomplete oxidation in skeletal muscle and the pancreas to reduce insulin resistance.

The team fed mice high-fat diets for eight weeks to induce obesity and insulin resistance. For the next five weeks, they added AvoB to the high-fat diets of half of the mice.

The treated mice weighed significantly less than those in the control group, showing slower weight gain. The treated mice showed greater insulin sensitivity, meaning that their bodies were able to absorb and burn blood glucose and improve their response to insulin.


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