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” Raising voice an ‘absolute democratic right”: Bollywood actor Farhan Akhtar on Anti-CAA protest

Bollywood actor Farhan Akhtar said that raising voice is an absolute democratic right. Akhtar was referring to the ongoing protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act. Farhan Akhtar has participated in the protest in Mumbai on Thursday.

” To raise your voice against something is an absolute democratic right. People are raising their voices and I am of the view that there seems to be a certain amount of discrimination in what is being planned and what is happening” said the actor.


” As somebody who has been born and who has been grown up with a certain idea of what India is all about, it is important for me to raise my voice” added he.

” If you look at the details then it seems like something can happen. If everything is okay then why would so many people be concerned not just in Mumbai but in Assam, in Delhi, in Bangalore, in Hyderabad” said the actor about the CAA.


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