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Congress leader booked for his remarks against PM Modi,Amit Shah

Congress politician and acclaimed Tamil writer, Nellai Kannan  has been booked under Sections 504, 505(1) and 505(2) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) after various BJP leaders registered multiple complaints against the writer.

In a meeting that was called by the Social Democratic Party of India on December 29, the Tamil academician was heard brazenly inciting the Muslims gathered there, by telling them that “he expected but no Muslim doing it”, hinting that he expected that the Muslims in the country would kill Home Minister Amit Shah for implementing the Citizenship Amendment Act, which they have been falsely claiming to be anti-Muslims, but no Muslim has yet killed him.

Nellai Kannan had said that Home Minister Amit Shah is acting as the brain behind PM Modi and that if his story was ‘finished’, that of the PM would also be over too. “If his story is finished, then the story of the PM would also be over. I was expecting something to happen, but no Muslim is doing it,” Kannan said during the rally.

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