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Oral Sex Tips: Here are some techniques to play with testicles and to maximise the pleasure

Here are some techniques  to maximise the pleasure during oral sex.  These techniques tells  how to play with the testicles to get maximum pleasure.


Step 1

Take a detour and move your lips from the penis to the rest of his package. Swirl the tip of your tongue around the loose sac of the skin that surrounds their testicles.Then taking long, sweeping strokes, slowly lick their balls as if you were feasting on delicious ice cream.


Step 2

Next, purse your lips and intermittently suck softly on the skin. If you want, you can also take the testicles into your mouth. The vertical line in the middle of their scrotal sac is another hotspot you should not overlook.

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Step 3

Once you have sent him into a frenzy, you can work your way back to their penis as you gently loosen your grip from their balls.

Step 4

One tactical trick to send them reeling is to rub his perineum with your finger gently. The perineum is the nerve-packed patch of skin that is between their anus and their scrotum.



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