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Man gets 4.26 lakh rupees from Sofa brought from thrift store

A US man found more than $43,000(4.26 lac rupes), stuffed within a second-hand Sofa he brought from a thrift store.

According to UPI, Howard Kirby, a Michigan native, used the second-hand sofa for a few weeks before opening up an unusually firm cushion to find it stuffed with cash. Although a lawyer told him it was legal for him to keep the cash, Kirby decided to contact the thrift store he bought it from to see if they could trace the couch’s original owner.

The money was reunited with Kim Fauth-Newberry, whose family had originally considered burning the couch until the thrift store accepted it, as it had belonged to her recently deceased grandfather. Fauth-Newberry said that she had no idea he had such a large amount of money stashed in the couch.


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