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Viral video of Chinese self discipline: Managers walk in all fours as penance for not meeting sales target

A video of Chinese managers walking in all fours in front of their staff is becoming viral in western media. As per sources, the managers belong to a giant restaurant company in Jilin province of China. The act was a form of penance for not meeting the sales target of the company. The company and the staff denied any involvement in the act considered very shameful in China.

The staff can be heard crying out loud to stop the self-inflicted shame by their bosses. The managers took over the responsibility of the poor performance of the company and formed a line waiting for turns for the penance. The social media users are divided in their response to this viral clip. Most blame it to be a forced act and unveils the pressure on the staff by the management to keep the profit figures up and healthy. The 15 clips were posted by an unidentified staff of the company on to Weibo, theĀ  Chinese equivalent of Whatsapp.

However, the Chinese authorities had taken action against the company as per reports from china.


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